Duties of Board Members

Duties of Board Members


  • Take minutes at all board and general meetings. Make two (2) copies of minutes; one for the President and one for the Recording Secretary.
  • Read minutes at all board and general meetings.
  • Third in chain of command behind President and Vice-President.
  • Helpful if you can get together informally with incoming counterpart and go over list of responsibilities after officers are voted on in April.


  • Meet with successor as soon as possible after April meeting with a copy of this list of responsibilities and share helpful experiences.
  • Conduct general correspondence. Send get-well cards to members only, as requested; and sympathy cards in the event of the death of an immediate family member of any club member.
  • Keep all correspondence in a file.
  • Type list of officers, street captains and chairwomen of committees. Pass a copy of list onto membership chairwoman.
  • Issue notice of all meetings.
  • Type the monthly newsletter. Give an original to Street Captains Chairwoman for copy and distribution.


  • Collect money in November for the Village Christmas Card.
  • Print and distribute the Village Christmas Card in December.
  • Select a needy organization or family to distribute excess club funds.
  • Distribute excess funds after board approval.
  • Report to the general meeting, any plans to disburse excess funds.
  • Coordinate the Scholarship Fund.
  • Coordinate the collection and distribution of items needed/requested by local charitable organizations such as Kane Regional Center; Food Pantry; etc.
  • Initiate and publicize public service projects and programs as authorized by the club.


  • Take care of all monies incoming and outgoing.
  • Don’t allow checks to be written without approval of board.
  • Make monthly financial reports for board meetings and general meetings.
  • Attend board meetings and present financial status.
  • Be at membership table in September and October to see that members name is entered in book and to collect dues. In the event that there is a 50/50 raffle, collect and distribute monies.
  • Be at daycamp registration with vice-president to collect money.
  • Have club books audited by CPA after daycamp ends and the year’s books are closed.
  • Sign membership cards; pass out cards when dues are paid.
  • Helpful to get together with incoming counterpart and go over list of responsibilities after officers are voted on in April.


  • Preside at all meetings, general and board.
  • Appoint committee heads for the following:
    1. Ways and Means - This chairperson should be selected as early as possible, since it is vital for this committee to plan for the coming year during the summer. She should select at least 3 other people to be on this committee with her. You should assist her in the selectinof those people only if needed.
    2. Programs - Another position to be filled as soon as possible, so that the chairperson can begin scheduling programs during the summer for the following year.
    3. Membership - Two people should be selected to co-chair this committee.
    4. Charities
    5. Chaplain
    6. Head of Street Captains - You assist her in selecting individual street captains only if needed.
  • Contact the church secretary during May to arrange the church hall and nurseries for the coming year. Include meetings, Breaksfast with Santa, Spaghetti Dinner etc. Submit the dates in writing and give a copy to the preschool so they can work around our days.
  • Arrange the change of board meeting in August. The new president makes these arrangements and presides over this meeting. All committee heads (old and new) should be included. At that meeting, pass around a sign up sheet and ask the new board members to select their night to hostess future board meetings.
  • Prepare the president’s letter to be distributed in early September. This should be prepared as a letter on the club’s letterhead. These letters should be distributed with the first flyer. Check with the corresponding secretary during the summer to be certain you will have enough stationary for your letter.
  • Check with the vice-president during the summer to see that there are enough supplies for the new year (table covering, plates, napkins, cups, etc.). If funds are low in the beginning of your new year, purchase supplies to see you through the first few months and then purchase again after there are sufficient funds in the treasury.
  • Remind all board members of each month’s board meeting either by phone, by mentioning it at the general meeting, or by printing it in the monthly flyer.
  • Buy gifts for incoming and outgoing officers to be presented at installation luncheon.
  • Meet with your successor soon after she is voted in and present her with a copy of responsibilities. Share any additional information with her which may be helpful.
  • In summary, make your committee selections and preparations during the summer months so that your year as president will be able to run more smoothly. Remember that you have selected people to work for you. You should be overseeing all activities and keeping close ties with your committee heads. You are not expected to run this club by yourself.


  • The past president will be chairwoman of the board and will serve on the board in an adivsory capacity for the year.
  • Help recruit new board members for the following year.


  • Two club women appointed by the president hold this office. They arrange the membership coffee/tea to be held prior to the first meeting in September (usually the week before). Details should be arranged at the first board meeting.
  • Make arrangements for nursery facilities and babsitters. Have members make reservations by the Monday of the meeting week. The number of sitters is based on the number of reservations. Two sitters are hired for up to 15 children. Obtain a list of sitters names and phone numbers from previous Membership Chairwomen. Fees for sitters are decided at the first board meeting. Be responsible for seeing that sitters are paid at the end of the meeting.
  • Greet members at the door at each meeting. Have all women register; members and non-members alike. Use of name tags is optional. Collect babysitting fees and guest fees.
  • Assist treasurer in collecting dues and recording members names in membership book during September and October meetings. Compile a complete list including name, address and phone number of all members to be distributed at the November meeting.
  • Report at meetings on the members and guests in attendance. Ask if there are any newcomers to be contacted.
  • Visit new people personally, if possible. At least call and offer to take person to the next meeting.
  • Meet with successor as soon after new committee is elected to exchange list of responsibilities.


  • Meet with President to obtain specific dates and times for meetings - usually the 4th Thursday of Sept., Oct, Jan., Feb., Mar., and Apr.; and the 3rd Thursday of November. The November and March meetings are evening meetings.
  • Contact and schedule speakers/activities for each meeting. Build on a theme if possible. Provide schedule for September’s newletter. Note: there is usually a $200 budget for the year, or $50 budget per program, but FREE speakers are preferred.
  • Confirm date and time of speaker with call and/or letter. Include a map, confirm fee and invite to lunch. Provide program description for monthy newsletter. Arrange for a thank-you gift for speaker, usually one of the table centerpieces. Inform the treasurer of the fee in advance so that she can bring a check to the meeting.
  • Greet speaker. Sit with them at lunch. Introduce guest at the beginning of program and thank them at the end of the program. See that they are paid.
  • Follow up with a thank-you letter if appropriate. Update worksheet for records.