Organization History


McKnight Village was started in 1950 and The McKnight Women's Club was organized by women in the neighborhood in 1954. There were 32 club members that year and dues were $3. Jean Kerr was our first president.

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In the 1950s, the club participated in an extravagant Charity Fair held each year in the parking lot of North Hills Village Shopping Center. Each year the club would dream up an exciting theme and put together a fabulous booth to raise money for charity

In 1958, the club "adopted" a boy named Le Chang Hwa in Korea through a foster child plan. The club sponsored the child through his 18th birthday. He sent letters regularly to the club thanking them for their generousity towards his education and clothing.

The club also supported a young girl name Sawanee Tanomkaid who was a foreign exchange student from Thailand. Sawanee came to McKnight Village and lived with a local family.

For nearly 20 years the club provided cookies and treats every week to the Lawnvue Children's Home.

In 1962 there were 238 children in the Village under the age of 12. In 1963, the club funded the entire cost of new playground equiptment. A fantastic event was planned for the ribbon cutting ceremony, including a picnic, parade, and a contest for girls aged 15-18 that resulted in the crowning of Miss McKnight Village.

Fundraisers have included running a concession stand at the rec during baseball season for many years and doing annual inventory at the Lerner's Department Store. Our traditional Luminaria fund raiser started in 1966.

The Village Christmas Card project began in 1980 and our first scholarship was awarded in 1987.

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The club holds 8 regular meetings per year and at most of these meetings an entertaining or informative program is presented. Some of our past programs included:

  • A wig show
  • A hypnotist
  • How to have the pep of a teenager
  • Horoscopes
  • Moonies
  • Hair Care and Makeovers
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Arobics
  • Country Line Dancing
  • A historical bridal show

Each year concludes the year with an Installation Luncheon at which the new board and committee chairs are announced and welcomed.