1. Is the route the same as in past years?

Yes, the route is the same as in past years, and we will have plenty of signs, acknowledging our generous sponsors, and directing you start to finish. In general, you stay on the left side of the street, facing traffic and following the signs. We also recommend you review the map here before setting out.

2. I just plan to walk, and not submit my time, why register?

Registration is FREE, and we want to have an idea of how many people are participating. Sponsors will be happy to know that there is wide-spread community support for the event and that their sponsorship dollars are well-spent so the more people who register, the more it helps us to secure sponsorships in the future. It also shows community spirit and support for our small business sponsors.

3. Will medals be awarded?

56 medals will be awarded. Medals will be given to the fastest overall male and female runners, and to the top three finishers, male and female, in each of these age groups

0-1011 to 1415 to 1920 to 2930 to 3940 to 4950 to 5960 and up NEW!

and to the top three finishers, in each of these two Rucking groups:

Rucker who weighs less than 150 lbs and carries a minimum of 20 lbsRucker who weighs over 150 lbs and carries a minimum of 30 lbs

4. How will I be timed?

You should time yourself and submit your time, on the honor system. We ask if you are going to submit your time for consideration of a medal, you use a stopwatch or other timing app on a smart phone, and START timing from the moment of leaving our well-marked starting line, then END timing the moment you cross back over the same line, now a finishing line. Running World does a good job of reviewing popular apps. All times are on the honor system and must be submitted at www.McKnightWomensClub.com by end of day June 14th, so we can announce our winners on June 15th.

5. Can I run the course more than once?

Yes, run the course as many times as you like between Saturday June 6th and Sunday June 14th. It might be fun to try to run or walk or ruck the course every day! You can submit multiple times, and we will use only your fastest time in determining the medals.

6. Will there be water, refreshments, bathrooms, or support personnel available?

In an effort to comply with Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, we will NOT be able to offer water, refreshments, or support personnel this year. We have ordered a flushable port-a-john which should be positioned at the Rec near the Start and Finish Line.

7. Is parking available? Will the gate to the Rec be open?

The gate to the Rec will be open as much as possible during daylight hours. For the protection of all participants, we ask that you drive very slowly and cautiously when anywhere in McKnight Village. If driving to the Rec, we will ask that you follow signs to park near the basketball court. Remember Safety First.

8. Will participants receive a T-shirt?

In an effort to keep costs very low, and make registration FREE for all participants, we are not providing free t-shirts. If you ordered a T-shirt, it will be delivered to you. If you did not receive it, please email MWC_Admin@comcast.net Also we have a few extra t-shirts available, if you are interested in purchasing one for $10, email MWC_Admin@comcast.net

9. Do I need to wear a mask while participating in the Run for the Rec?

The situation and CDC guidelines are changing rapidly. We want to keep Safety First and adhere to the recommendations of the CDC. The CDC currently recommends wearing a mask in public settings where it’s harder to stay away from people, like grocery stores and pharmacies. Even in green, you are encouraged to maintain at least six feet between yourself and others. If you’ve jogged around the lake at North Park, you know that it is often impossible to maintain a six foot separation, especially on sunny Saturdays. If you’re in an area where you know you’re going to be crossing paths with a lot of other people, you should be wearing a mask, but in general, you should try to avoid those situations. For the Run for the Rec Social Distance 5k, we recommend wearing a mask around your neck and pulling it up around your face when approaching others.

10. My child wants to participate but I am concerned for his safety and I cannot keep up with him.

Any time a child is playing, running, or walking in the street, they should be properly supervised. You should arrange for proper supervision to ensure the safety of your own children. Remember, Safety First!

11. Since registration is free, will the Run for the Rec make money to help support the Rec this year?

Many generous sponsors and local citizens have made donations to help support the Rec. If you are able, consider making a donation here. We are using some of the funds to have the playground professionally cleaned, painted, and repaired before re-opening the playground after being closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This work will also help improve safety and extend the life of the equipment. Additional funds will be used by the McKnight Village Civic Association to pay taxes and other bills for the property, that are normally covered by Rec Rentals, Field Rentals and MVCA dues, all of which are down significantly this year. Sponsors from BOTH 2019 and 2020 are acknowledged along the course. As you participate and see these signs, please notice the names of the sponsors and in return, support them when you can.